We, as responsible citizens, should take all necessary steps to develop the human potential of the community and the country as a whole, and since children of a country are the most important human potential a nation can have, specifically engaging in improving children's education through research, training and support, will lead to significant contribution to the community's welfare and bring about progress of a nation as a whole.

As a teacher, you can immensely contribute towards bringing about such progress of the society and the nation by educating children under your care and bringing them up as good and responsible citizens of the nation and members of the society.

However, in order to make yourself an able teacher, you have to undergo intensive training through a comprehensive teacher training program from a reputed and good teacher training institute.

There are different kinds of teacher training programs which are in vogue these days. Montessori teacher training program is one of them. Through years of experience, it has been found that the Montessori method of teaching is singularly one of the most effective child teaching methods which can be employed to bring about overall growth and development in children between the ages of 3-6 years. Though the pure Montessori method of child teaching is not very widely used , inference drawn from the actual method is used by pre-schools all over the world and has been found to be hugely successful.

Correspondence Montessori Course
Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES) is a govt. regd. Teacher Training Institute under Societies' Registration Act, 1860 and Public Trust Act, 1950, which caters to a host of teacher training courses. At VES, we endeavour to fulfill your ambition to become a teacher, and thus, serve the community.

VES is a pioneer institute which brings forth an excellent Montessori Teacher Training (MTT) course which can be done through the correspondence, distance and online modes. The duration of the above course is of one year. However, the course can be completed at any time within one year from the date of enrolment. The eligibility criterion for the above mentioned course is 10+2 or above.

Montessori Correspondence Course
Our programs are designed for those with busy schedules. You are not required to attend classes or meet stiff deadlines. Most of our students continue to work part time/full-time while they do their Correspondence Montessori Diploma course. Students can successfully complete a Diploma Program in Montessori correspondence course with ease and at their pace.VES is proud to have a host of course co-ordinators, curriculum planners and faculty members who are experienced and who have put in best of research and innovation to design the course. The course content would be found exhaustive, comprehensive and all encompassing. The curriculum content is very much at par with the recent trends, and all the required knowledge has been incorporated in the content. This will enable our trainees to meet the demands of the industry.

Montessori Training Correspondence Course
Successful completion of the Montessori correspondence course will set the foundation for trainees to get jobs as teachers, principals, supervisors, curriculum planners, course co-ordinators and child care-takers in various child care set-ups. It will also enable trainees to open their own pre-school, day-care, crèche, hobby or activity centre etc.

So, joining VES for a Correspondence Montessori Course
would be a prudent decision and will give your teaching career
the much required boost and flight.

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