• 1 Teacher Training – The Need

    A teacher is to a child what a potter is to wet clay. A child can be effectively and beautifully moulded through the cautious and skilled hands of an efficient and well-trained teacher. In order to give a desirable shape to wet clay, the potter himself has to be highly adept in his work. Similarly, a teacher has to be highly proficient,……
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  • 2 Why Choose VES?????

    Vidhyanidhi education society is a reliable and is one of the pioneering teacher training institutes, offering an array of outstanding and comprehensive teacher training programmes through convenient modes like - Regular / in class, distance / correspondence and online /
    e-learning, to suit the needs of those aspiring to become teachers
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  • 3 Your Career Graph

    Widen your career scope beyond limits by enrolling in one of our teacher training programmes!

    We promise to fast track your career by putting you in the elite league of child care educators !!!....
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  • 4 Hear It From Our Alumni

    Our alumni consist of students, house wives and working professionals from diverse fields. Some of them held prestigious degrees. But yet when it came to doing a teaching training course, they opted for VES over many other teacher training institutes. Their faith in VES can be made out very clearly in their own words.

    "I Esther Julius, online ECCE student of VES convey my eternal gratitude and appreciation to VES for giving me this excellent....

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  • 5 We Run
    • Early childhood Care and education Programme
    • Montessori Teachers training programme
    • Nursery Teachers training programme
    • Pre Primary Teachers training programme
    We Provide Easy Modes of Study
    Regular / Distance / Online

    What are you waiting for ???
    Hurry Up!!!!!! And Contact Us!!!
    To Jump Start your Teaching Career

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Children as young as one or one and a half years, all over the world possess a amazing physical and intellectual potential. This understanding of the child should be shared by all parents, educationists and other persons interested in children because education from the start of life could really alter the present and future society. Knowledge of the child should become the core of our interest and the foundation of a new education system, which serves to help the society as well as the nation to reach a high level of emotional, intellectual and moral integration.

Montessori Training India

The means that we adopt to achieve this goal is the most important consideration. A proper selection of the pre-school method of education should be made,as being taught through different teacher training education programs in India, so as to bring maximum benefits to the pre-schooler. The Montessori Method of teaching is aimed to render such benefits. Montessori is a philosophy of life. This is evident in several teacher training courses in India and abroad. It has applications in the field of child teaching, based on the doctrines propounded by the Italian physician and educationist, Dr. Maria Montessori and those being taught through different Montessori Teacher Training Programs in India and abroad. Over the past several years, children throughout the world have immensely benefited from this educational approach. The Montessori Method of teaching has proved to be an unparallel instrument in educating pre-schoolers world-wide. However, the current Montessori methods of teaching being used in pre schools in India and abroad, being taught through Montessori teacher training programs are only an interpretation of her original tenets. The only truly authentic Montessorian was Dr. Maria Montessori herself.

Montessori Training in India

Why should you choose the Montessori Training at
VES (India)?
Our Montessori training programme in India is beyond compare in terms of resources, conveyance, support, accessibility and use. You can do the Montessori Teacher Training Course (India) from the comfortable confines of your home at a very reasonable cost. You can do the entire Montessori Training course (India) – start to finish online. Our training is developed to meet the employment opportunities available in the field and the needs of our Montessori Teacher Training students 'in India and abroad. Teachers, tutors, parents, students, mid-career professionals, entrepreneurs and academicians, all enroll in our Montessori Training programs (India) for a host of professional and personal reasons.
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