Parenting Skills Courses

Why is there a need for a parenting course?
  • Parenting is the most important job we ever do.
  • We are posed with challenges and troubles daily in raising children.
  • In today's world, parents face greater challenges than ever before.
  • We may not be naturally equipped or endowed to overcome such challenges.
  • Only love, attention, devotion and experience may not be enough.
  • Relying only on instincts and age-old ways may not always prove effective.
  • We need help and support to face these challenges and ease these troubles.
  • Correct parenting training can be very helpful.
  • Training in parenting can provide a framework or vision to work upon.
  • Training can equip us with researched, developed and easy-to-apply techniques.
  • Such techniques can work wonders when used with our natural parental instincts.
  • Training instills confidence Knowing is being prepared!
  • So, training equips, empowers and eases!!

Why should one enroll for a Parenting Course at VES?
  • Vidhyanidhi Education Society is an acclaimed institution in the field of education and training since almost last two decades.
  • Our Parenting Workshop - 'How to make your children listen to you?' is an immaculate result of our long standing experience in child care and teaching.
  • VES provides learning environment and experience that is excellent and beyond compare!
  • The workshop will be conducted through 2 sessions of around 4 hours each
  • These sessions will train parents in 'skills' on different relevant aspects of parenting.
  • The pace of the sessions will be relaxed and stress-free.
  • The sessions will roughly cover aspects like
    • Understanding and Coping with Children's Feelings
    • Making children cooperate willingly
    • Finding suitable alternatives to punishment
  • The content of the workshop has been developed by expert and experienced psychologists, educators, trainers and counsellors.
  • The skills are well-researched, logic-based and highly applicable.
  • The sessions will be conducted by a well-read and experienced facilitator.
  • During the sessions plenty of real-life situations and examples will be provided.
  • There will be discussions and experience-sharing.
  • The sessions will be aided by interesting audios and visuals.
  • These highly interactive sessions will include experiential and participative activities like role-play, written questionnaires etc.
  • Skill-learning will take place through ample practice, revision and question-answer session.
  • At the end of each session, parents will be provided with hand-outs and reminders about the skills covered in the session.
  • The workshop fee is very reasonable.
  • Admission procedure is hassle-free.
  • The staff and admin team is supportive.
  • Parenting Workshops are scheduled all-round the year at specific intervals.
  • Participation certificates will be awarded at the end of the workshop.

How will the Positive Parenting Techniques taught during this workshop-by VES will benefit us?
These skills when applied will
  • improve the parent-child relationship remarkably.
  • open the channels of communication between the parent and child.
  • reduce conflicts, power-struggles, sibling-rivalry etc.
  • boost children's confidence and help them develop positive self-image.
  • make parenting enjoyable.
  • create a happy, peaceful, respectful home environment. and much, much more.

What are the Parenting Courses Reviews given by parents who have benefited from this workshop?
"A lot of people were surprised when I told them I was attending a parenting course. But I still went ahead and joined. Only I know I have benefited. This course has helped me see things differently and made me a more patient mother. A great experience!" - Rachana Ramani
- A Stay-Home Mom of a 6-year-old.


"I was finding it so difficult to get my six-year-old to cooperate with me. Everything I asked him to do or not to do, he would start all his responses with a 'no'. I was fed up of his 'No's'. But after doing the workshop, off late I am slowly being able to convert his 'no' into 'yes'. Thanks Vidhyanidhi, I am being able to make my child listen to me."
- Manpreet Kaur Singh
- A Corporate Employee


"This parenting skills course helped me to know myself better and also made me realize my strengths and weaknesses. It has really made a difference in my LIFE. THANK YOU." - Nisha Dadilwar
- Pre-primary Teacher
- Mother of a 5-year old


"I was so stunned to hear some of the problems which were narrated; they were so similar to what I was facing with my son. Practising the positive parenting techniques learnt at the workshop made me change my outlook towards my son and the children in my centre." - Binita Patel
- Centre-head of Play school
- Mother of a 7-year-old


"These parenting skills really work. You have to learn and apply them to believe them. If you can ease your everyday life so easily just by doing a parenting course, then why not? I wish I had known about this parents course earlier. I would not have wasted even a single day to join it and get rid of my problems." - Prakash Raut
- Dietician
- Father of two children, 5 and 8 years old respectively.



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