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The Parenting Program-How to make your Children Listen to you? from Vidhyanidhi Education Society is a result of years of experience that the institute has in the field of education and training. This workshop consists of 2 comprehensive sessions on different relevant topics. The sessions will train you in a set of skills, which have been developed by a team of professionals having thorough knowledge of child and adult psychology, besides a rich experience in child education and training. The skills have been formulated after intensive research and extensive thought. The training will be conducted by a competent facilitator having professional qualifications and personal experience of being a parent.

There are many books,websites, online courses, in-class programmes, workshops, seminars or training workshops on parenting providing lots of parenting tips and suggestions. Many times we hear parents saying that there is such a lot of information available on parenting techniques, that they get confused. One expert or book says to do one thing and another tells them to do exactly the opposite. They ask,

Parenting Program

How to decide the difference between parenting advice that may be helpful and that may not be helpful?

How do we know and understand what would be best for our child and us?

The answer to the above questions may be those parenting workshops which are based on democratic values. Where parenting skills are taught treating children as equals, irrespective of age. Those books, groups, material etc. on parenting may prove to be most useful which advise parents to give their children not only love , care and attention but also respect and an equal opportunity to be heard. The stress should be on improving relationships and communication so that harmony and happiness increase.

Then we may ask why we should choose VES's workshop How to make your Children Listen to you? over everything else.

This is because parenting programs like the one conducted by VESfalls in the above mentioned category. The skills we teach focus on dealing with children with love and dignity. The aim of these skills is to build stronger and healthier relationship between parents and their children, improve communication skills of parents and the way parents view their children. The content of our parenting program is not just theoretical. In fact, the sessions will offer an experiential learning process in a group. Some of the benefits of learning in a group are:
  • Group members (parents) get an opportunity to share feelings, experiences and exchange information with other parents of children of the same age and come to know that they are not alone.
  • Group members (parents) can speak about their own ideas about child rearing and development around the theoretical framework provided by the content of parent training programs.
  • A sense of trust builds with each session through meeting with familiar faces and the confidence provided by the facilitator.
  • A safe, trustworthy, confidential environment is created to practice parenting skills.
  • Role play, comparison of answers given in questionnaires and brain storming with all the member parents of the group lead to more focused learning.
  • All the discussion and interaction leads to self assessment and paves way for the parents to realize the best skills that would best suit their children and them.
  • There is always a possibility that a parent may put off reading a parenting book or watching a CD but if the other group members are expecting the presence of each group member each week, it becomes difficult to remain absent and miss even a single session.
A research in learning methods says that parents are more likely to implement what they have experienced, seen, done and discussed with others than by what they have read or seen on video without group support.Our parenting skills training workshop provides just this kind of group support. Register with us today and make good use of it.

Parenting Programs Reviews
"Thanks to this parenting workshop, I have started treating my daughter as a 'young little adult' who is capable of listening, discussing, understanding, problem solving and cooperating. Earlier I used to think that she is just a 'child' who requires to be just commanded to do or not to do things and punished if she did those things wrongly."- Jayanti Prasad
- Homemaker - Mother of a 7-year-old


"Great sessions!Overall the parenting program was enlightening and will definitely help me in bringing up my daughter as a better person. Knowing or unknowingly, I have made mistakes which I will now try to correct. Thanks a lot!!" - Mithilesh Kumar
- Professor
- Father of a 9- year-old


"We had a great time. The content of the positive parenting program is marvellous and extraordinary. We think this is not only relevant to parenting, but also for improving relations between spouses and making a marriage better." - Abhay and Avantika Agarwal
- Entrepreneurs
- Parents of a 5-year-old


"The sessions are interesting and extremely thought provoking! The skills which taught me to help my child handle his negative emotions, have been particularly helpful to me. Thanks." - Paromita Haldar
- Manager
- Mother of a nine-year-old


"The parenting program has transformed my view points on who isa good parent and a good teacher. Now I know what I need to do as a parent and as a teacher.Thanks to VES."- Radhika Jaiswal,
- Std. II class teacher of a reputed school
- Mother of a six-year-old



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