Parenting Workshops

  • Do you often hear yourself saying to your child things like
    "Why don't you ever listen?"
    "When will you learn to maintain time?"
    "I am fed up of all these arguments with you."
    "You have left food on your plate again!"
  • Doesn't even one day pass by without a conflict or an argument with your child ?
  • Have you started feeling like a nag, who always has to be behind your child to get him or her to do things?
If you can relate to any of the aforementioned experiences then what you need is a parenting workshop from VES!! We can be of immense help and provide you with some much needed relief!

Parent Workshop

Join our'How to make your Children Listen to you?'workshop, comprising of 2 sessions of around 4 hours each. It is a unique parenting programme which will equip you with essential skills to build up a less stressful and more satisfying relationship with your children. These skills are practical and easily implementable. They will prove very useful in dealing with all kinds of problems, situations or struggles that you encounter with your children on daily basis. Thus, VES makes parenting not only easier but more enjoyable!

Designed by an experienced panel of psychologists, educationalists, trainers and counselors, this parenting workshop offers you experiential learning. The sessions will stress on skill- learning through ample practice by way of role-play. Therefore the entire parent workshop experience will not be a one-way process similar to a lecture or a seminar. Instead there will be chances of active participation and exchange of ideas and experiences.

Parenting Skills Workshops

On completion this workshop you will be able to
  • help children cope with negative emotions
  • express anger without hurting
  • make children cooperate willingly
  • avoid punishment
  • help children develop a positive self-image
  • make children independent
  • handle conflicts effectively
  • create a family atmosphere of love & respect

This parents workshop has been found by several parents, educators, child care-takers, child counselors and even grandparents to be highly useful and effective in child rearing! Not only this,in fact, this workshop can also enrich your relationship with your spouse, family members and colleagues.

So, you are welcome to enroll for the 'How to make your Children Listen to you?'workshop, conducted by us. Once you do, you will experience a huge change in your view of your child and of your child's view of you as a parent!!


Parents Workshop

A snippet of reviews by the parents:

"Thanks to this parenting workshop, I started viewing my daughter as a reasonable and understanding 'young adult' who listens, discusses, problem solves and cooperates. I now know how to get cooperation from my child wilfully. Thanks once again."
Arunima Prasad - Course Coordinator
Mother of a 7-year-old


"I think my parenting style before I attended this parenting skills workshop was very old-fashioned. I used punishment very frequently with my boy to make him do things. He started becoming resentful towards me. The skills learnt by me at this parent workshop helped me to avoid punishments as far as possible. Positive results are visible. I am so happy. Thanks."
Bhakti Narayan - Software professional
Mother of a 9-year-old


"I am so happy I joined this parenting skills workshop. These skills are proving so useful in handling my son. These days the arguments between us, his tantrums and mood swings, my nagging of him have reduced so much. Now I am enjoying every moment of motherhood and all the credit goes to VES."
Rajita Kumar - Homemaker
Mother of a 6-year -old


"I essentially joined for my own children. But now I am applying the positive parenting workshop skills learnt by me with the children of my class. It has really become easy to manage the children and I am not having to resort to punishment that much. Highly recommended for parents and teachers like me. Thank you."
Alicia Jose - Primary class-teacher
Mother of two children aged 7 and 9 years respectively


"I am so happy. Doing this parenting workshop has positively affected my family life! I totally love the feeling that I am having fun with my kids. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom!"
Kanchan Vaidya - An entrepreneur
Single mother having two children in their pre-teens

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