We welcome you to embark upon a journey, the destination of which is a fruitful and satisfying career!!

Teaching young minds and, in the process, becoming a role model for them to emulate, is itself quite a challenge and can bring about immense personal and professional satisfaction!!

Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES).. ..can pave the way for opportunities to gain such personal and professional satisfaction.

Teacher Education India
VES, a renowned Teacher Training Institute in India, offers a bunch of teacher training programs which hold the ability to render meticulous and rigorous training in methods of child teaching. Our teacher training programs (India) become all the more unique due to the fact that they can be taken up through different modes as per the convenience of the trainee.

The mission of VES is to endow teachers with the skills required to teach young children. Emphasis is given to teaching theoretical aspects delving in child psychology, child growth and development, child health and nutrition, and child care and management. However, the syllabuses of teacher training course (India) are channelized towards 'practical application'. All subjects in the curriculum of teacher training India finally merge into a composite whole and our students who are undergoing teacher education training (India) are taught how to apply their knowledge in a practical manner in real-life situations.

Teacher Training In India
We focus on making our trainees who are undergoing teacher training courses (India) understand the child's psychology when guiding him. Our trainees who are undergoing teacher training courses are trained to be proactive in the classroom and to be always ready to guide, assist, support and to be concerned for the children under their care. We keep reminding our trainees that their purpose should be to stimulate the child's fervour for learning by guiding him without interfering with his natural instincts. Our teacher training (India) syllabusis pragmatically viable, and so our trainees find it very easy to work with children coming from different cultural, social, lingual and economic backgrounds. The teachers trained by us will be in a position to methodically guide the development of each child, by beneficially modifying the knowledge they have gained from the teacher training education course in accordance with each child's needs.

Once you successfully complete the teacher training course (India), you will not only be able to take up the job as a teacher, but, you will also be able to run a child care centre of your choice, be it a crèche, a day-care, a nursery etc. You can also become a trainer in teacher training institutes like us. These teacher training courses also help you to become a better parent and child caregiver.

Teacher Training India

Course Duration
Candidates will have to complete the course within one year from the date of enrolment.

Minimum qualification for the course is 10+2.

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