Teacher Training in India

Young children between the ages of 0 to 6 years are highly pliable and malleable - just like wet clay. An efficient potter can shape clay desirably with his skilled and able hands. A teacher is to a child what a potter is to wet clay. An efficient and well - trained teacher can effectively and beautifully mould a child. In order to give a desirable shape to wet clay, the potter himself has to be highly adept in his work. Similarly, a teacher has to be highly proficient. Her teaching skills should be beyond compare. A teacher has to be immensely patient. She has to be focused. She has to innovate constantly. In order to gain such competency, a teacher needs to undergo comprehensive training in teacher training in India course from a reputed teacher training institute, before she embarks on the profession.

Diploma in Teacher Training in India Course

Until a few years ago Teacher Training in India was not as qualitative as it is today. Today, the arena of Teacher Training is more organized and goal - oriented. There are important reasons for this. The first reason is that schools hire only professionally trained teachers who have undergone Teacher Training Course. The second reason is that better teacher training institutes offering a multitude of teacher training courses in India and abroad have come into being. Along with these reasons, there has also been a change in the general mind set towards teacher education training where children have come to be viewed as vital resources for a nation's progress and development.

Thus, we have to nurture and care for children, and provide them with plenty of opportunities to develop from a very early age. This will happen only when a mission to overhaul the entire approach adopted in imparting teacher training is taken up.

Teacher Training in India Institutes

Thus, our mission at VES, a renowned Teacher Training Institute is to develop children as the future of the nation, by, specifically engaging in improving children's education through constant study, training and support. Keeping in tune with this mission, Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES), a govt. regd. Teacher Training Institute under Societies' Registration Act, 1860 and Public Trust Act, 1950, presents you with a bouquet of teacher training courses, an experienced team of course co - ordinators to conduct these teacher training courses and fully - equipped infrastructure to execute the required training.

So, come and train with us to become a teacher who can be a vital factor in bringing about social change, causing the nation to progress. This will also usher you into a fulfilling career. Undertaking a teacher training in India program with VES (India) will also present you with the opportunity for self - employment.

Once you have trained with us,you will be able to put the theory of child development, child care and management, and child health and nutrition into practice. You will be able to assess child growth and development. As a teacher, you will be able to implement developmentally appropriate curriculum.

Teacher Training in India Programs

Course Duration
The duration of the Teacher Training in India Course is of one year. However, with hard work, you can complete this teacher training course at anytime within one-year limit.

Eligibility Required for Enrolment
You are welcome to enrol for the course if you have 10+2 level qualification or above.

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