We all need to be cared for at all stages of our life. You were cared for by your parents as a child. The pattern of care, as the child grows, differs at different stages a child requires more care in the younger, formative age. This is also important because the early years of a child's life are the most crucial from the aspect of his overall growth and development and thus will reflect in the kind of adult he grows up to be, both at the mental and physical levels.

Care starts since the day of conception. Once the child takes birth, his health, hygiene and nutritional needs have to be taken care of. As he grows older, developmental needs have to be stimulated through different activities. The immediate family of the child primarily takes care of the child's health, hygiene and nutritional needs whereas the developmental needs of the child, to a great extent, are taken care of by the school he attends and the teachers who teach him. But on the whole, caretakers of the child, whether parents or teachers, have to collectively cater to all the child's needs whether they are physical, psychological or developmental.

In order to fulfill the developmental needs of children like their need to know, talk, learn, play, explore, create, socialize etc., child care-takers, especially teachers need to be comprehensively trained in teacher training courses. These days, undergoing teacher training courses has become mandatory for all those who wish to start a teaching career at the primary and pre-primary levels. Teacher training courses in India actually bring forth the perspective of child teaching in such an effective manner, that the trainee can appropriately satisfy the developmental needs of children.

Teacher Training Program
Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES) is a renowned teacher training institute which conducts various teachers training courses through different learning modes in India and abroad. We, through our superbly structured courses intend to produce teachers who can efficiently and effortlessly handle young children while catering to their constant and ever-changing developmental needs. Our enterprising faculty backs you up every minute while you do the course. The content of teacher training education course (India) very effectively combines theory and practical aspects of child teaching, using relevant illustration wherever required. Superb infrastructure, nominal course fees, easy payment options, effortless admission procedure, job assistance are the other reasons why you should choose VES. By joining VES you can avail of our years of experience in the teacher training field.Once we award you with your diploma you can use the same to get a job as a teacher, caretaker or an entrepreneur in the child care field.

Teachers Training India

Extent of the Course
The course extends through a period of one year from your date of enrolment. But you can complete the course any time within the stipulated one year period.

Eligibility for pursuing the course is completion of HSC or above.

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