1. What courses do you offer?
  2. We offer five different programmes namely:
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Early Childhood Care and Education
    • Montessori Teacher Training
    • Nursery Teacher Training
    • Pre Primary Teacher Training Course
  3. What are these teacher training courses all about?
    • These teacher training programmes are for those aspiring candidates who want to make a career in teaching or would like to work with young children.
    • The course provides them with knowledge on various areas related to child psychology and child education.
    • Completion of this programme will provide you with a teacher training certificate. This certificate allows you to work in diverse child-care set-ups.
  4. Is the institute govt. recognized?
  5. Our institute is a Govt. Regd. institute under Societies' Registration Act, 1860 and Public Trust Act, 1950.

  6. Is there any age bar for enrolling into the programme?
  7. No, there is no age bar for enrolling into this programme. Anyone above the age of 18 can enrol for the same.

  8. Who can do this programme? Are there any eligibility criteria to enrol?
  9. Anyone who is above the age of 18 with 10 + 2 level qualification can pursue our programmes. All you need is love for children and caliber to teach.

  10. What are my career options after doing these online / correspondence teacher training programmes viz; Montessori online / correspondence course, early childhood education online / correspondence course, nursery teacher training online / correspondence course or Preschool teacher training online/correspondence course?
  11. You have a wide range of career options. After completion of this programme, you can work primarily as a teacher or can also open your own pre-school. You can also take up jobs in diverse child-care set-ups. Refer to our page on career scope.

  12. After completion of the programme, will I get a good salary package?
  13. Although there is no salary fixed for early childhood care & education (ECCE) trained teachers, our trainees have got good jobs with good salary packages. The salary drawn by you will vary, depending on many factors such as the type of board you get employed in, the school policy, the location of your school, seniority, experience, your personal performance etc.

    Online Teacher Training Courses
  14. How many modules / papers do the various online teacher training courses have?
  15. There are five modules in all for each programme. Each module will have assignments. In order for a trainee to earn diploma credentials, successful and timely completion of the assignments is mandatory.

  16. What is the duration of the course?
  17. The course duration is of one year. However, you can complete the programme at any time within one-year duration.

  18. Will I have to appear for exams?
  19. If you have opted for regular or in-class mode of study, you have to appear for written and viva voce exams at the end of the programme. There are no written/ online exams for students who have opted for online / distance mode of study. Evaluation of such students is done only on the basis of assignments sent by them.

    Correspondence Teacher Training Course
  20. What are assignments?
  21. Assignments will have a set of thought-provoking subjective or objective questions, designed to evaluate our trainees.

  22. How will I have to submit my assignments?
  23. You will be completing assignments and mailing it or couriering it to our mailing id or address respectively as per the scheduling of your programme.

  24. Will there be any practicals?
  25. We understand the fact that doing practicals through online / distance mode is not possible, but we cannot underestimate the importance of it. Hence, to balance the curriculum and keeping in mind the needs of our online /distance students, we have designed module V, which will cover the practical aspect. Module V will ensure that our trainees get complete and balanced information about practical aspects of teaching. For further details, contact our course co-ordinators.

  26. How does the overall course progress?
  27. There are five modules in all. As soon as your payment of fees is confirmed, you will get a welcome letter with your enrolment number and instructions. The modules will be released along with their assignments in three sets according to your programme schedule. The first set contains the first two modules and the second set containsthe next two modules and the last set contains the last module.We will evaluate the assignments for each module once you have sent them to us. On successful completion of all assignments, diploma certificates and mark sheets will be couriered to your address.

  28. Will you guarantee job placements?
  29. We do not guarantee job placement. We only assist our regular or in-class mode students residing in Mumbai by letting them know about the available vacancies in schools of Mumbai. However, most of our trainees, irrespective of their mode of study, are teaching in good schools / child care set-ups across India and abroad.

  30. Are there any branches of your institute?
  31. We are located only in Borivali (W), Mumbai. We do not have any other branches in India, abroad or even in Mumbai.

  32. Will I ever be required to travel down to India or Mumbai at anytime during / after the course?
  33. No, if you do the course via online or distance mode, you will not be required to travel to our institute even once. Communication and correspondence will take place through phone, e-mail or post.

  34. Why should I choose VES?
  35. You should choose VES because we not only provide quality training, but we also provide more flexibility to accommodate the needs of our trainees.
    • Flexibility in batch timings and days for regular / in-class mode.
    • Facility of doing teacher's training courses through distance learning mode.
    • Facility of doing teacher's training courses through online mode.
    • Personal attention from our faculties in all the modes.
    • Well-balanced and comprehensive course contents of theory and practicum.
    • Round-the-year admissions
    • Reasonable fees
    • Student-friendly admission procedure
    • A structured career path to ensure career growth and development.
  36. What is the difference between online, distance and regular programme?
  37. In online mode, all the study materials and assignments shall be sent and received via e-mails.
    In distance mode, all the study materials and assignments shall be sent and received via post or courier.
    Both online and distance mode candidates will be given personal assistance by constantly keeping in touch with them via e-mail or phone.
    At the same time, they can also revert to us whenever they want. In regular mode, students are expected to come to class for regular lectures.

  38. When and how will I get my certificates?
  39. Certificate(s) will be couriered to students opting for online and distance modes one month after the submission of the last set of assignments. Regular / in-class students will have to come and collect their certificates in person on a pre-declared date.

  40. Are the certificates of VES valid/ recognized around the world?
  41. Validity and employment as a pre-school teacher abroad are subject to the licensing rules of a particular country. However, our trainees have been working in countries like Canada, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait, Muscat, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, China, Singapore etc.

  42. Do you charge extra for examination and study materials?
  43. No! The programme fees are inclusive of the charges for study materials, assignments, diploma certificate, training and courier. However in case of failure to complete the course in one year irrespective of the reasons, candidates will have to take readmission by paying full programme fee.

  44. After enrolling, if I wish to discontinue for some personal reasons, will I get refund?
  45. No! Fees are neither refundable nor transferable under any circumstances.

  46. How will you assist me to open my own playschool?
  47. The course curriculum itself gives you quality knowledge regarding the set-up and administration of pre-school. If you still have some boubts or want to gain more information, you can always get back to our faculties.

  48. I am currently pursuing my graduation. Do you think I will be able to cope up with the programme?
  49. Yes! You will be able to cope up with the programme. We provide a lot of flexibility and our programmes are quite easy-paced.

  50. How does the institute stay in touch with students of online and distance courses?
  51. We never keep our online / distance students unattended. We make prompt and conscious efforts to stay in touch with our online / distance students and give them personal attention via telephonic conversation or e-mail.

  52. When should I enrol myself for the programme?
  53. You can enroll for the programme at any time.

  54. Is there any last date for enrollment?
  55. No! Our admissions are on round the year.

  56. I have appeared for standard XII exams but haven't got my results yet. Am I eligible?
  57. You will get provisional admission. However, once you get the results, you are supposed to submit the photocopy of the same in the office to get your admission confirmed.

  58. What are the other courses offered by you?
  59. Montessori online course, Montessori correspondence course, early childhood education online course, early childhood education correspondence, nursery teacher training correspondence course NTT online, Pre primary Teacher Training online Pre primary Teacher Training distance learning.


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